Tsujita LA (2)


I’ve been to Tsujita at least a couple of dozen times since my first visit last December (and the number of visits would’ve been double of that if they weren’t cash-only), and I’ve ordered the tsukemen. EVERY. DAMN. TIME. For a diner that prides himself on trying new places and mixing it up at restaurants during repeat visits, this is unprecedented…even embarrassing. But something clicked last week. I had finally gotten around to ordering the ramen. Even the waitress who knows me was a little taken aback. And you know what – I’ve been missing out! The broth was oily with a kotteri-esque film on top, but actually wasn’t too oily or salty – just pure ramen ecstasy. The thin Hakata-style noodles were at just the right firmness, and the chashu was as amazing as ever with its balance of fatty and meaty textures. Yeah sorry Santouka and (Studio City) Jinya, I’ve found someone younger and hotter. And now I can finally mix up my lunches at Tsujita!

Note: not that anyone will notice (well maybe they will because of this) or care, but I am going to bump Tsujita up to a full A. Been there enough times to justify it :)

Chris Hei grade: A

Tsujita LA
2057 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 231-7373

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