Burger Parlor


I already went over a brief background on the inception of Burger Parlor in my Early Bird post, so let’s just say that this was one of the OC’s most anticipated openings in 2012, having been named as having the best burger in the OC Weekly while in its pop-up iteration early in the year. Greg’s been hyping up the opening for months, and was obviously all over it when Burger Parlor finally opened earlier this month. Despite a rocky start (due to service issues that were just ridiculous to complain about – damn Yelpers; see SinoSoul’s post for more info), I was confident that the quality of the burgers would be up to par as I’ve read/heard before the brick-and-mortar opened.


I went last Thursday (via 1.5-hour-drive) to hang out with Greg and Han while pulling off the trifecta of watching three games at once – the 2 MLB ALDS matchups + the Steelers-Titans game. Via Greg’s advice I texted the restaurant’s “mailing list” to get a secret deal of a burger + side for $10.50. My burger was the Chip Shot, with fontina cheese, potato chips, tomato confit, mushrooms, arugula, and chipotle aioli – sounds like it could be from a gourmet place like Father’s Office or Umami, but devoid of any pretentiousness (I mean, it’s in Fullerton after all). It’s a bit small for what we’ve come to expect from these types of burgers (roughly 1/3 lb.), but man is it well put together. Patty was cooked medium by default, but oozed of meaty flavors and plenty of juice. The supporting cast was just enough as to not take the spotlight away from that patty (although wished the chips were more crispy), as was the bun (brioche obviously, but was light and just the right proportion).

Best burger in the OC? I can dig it. Best burger I’ve had in 2012? You can dig it.

Chris Hei grade: N/A (no official grade < 1 month of opening, but arguably the best burger I’ve had this year – enough said)

Burger Parlor

204 N Harbor Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 441-2003

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