Manresa (Los Gatos, CA)


320 Village Ln
Los Gatos, CA 95030
(408) 354-4330

Short summary: a great meal. However, with all the accolades and such, this dinner was more of a technically precise meal with impeccable ingredients used than a mind-blowing one that has me thinking about it for days. In the end, I respect Manresa more than I love it, but I sure do like it a lot. The restaurant is like one of those beautiful girls that are perfect both physically and mentally, but given a choice between her and your flawed true love, you still have to follow your heart. Manresa is the restaurant for those who follow their brains.

There are very good reasons why just about everyone in the world sings Manresa’s praises. Having one of the most talented chefs in the country heading the place, using only the best-quality ingredients available, classic fine-dining atmosphere and service – it’s only logical. But for me, the whole package can feel a little stiff for a culinary-uneducated individual like myself. The service issue has been debated before by others, and I understand that they’re striving for that 3rd Michelin star (French fine dining standards), but it’s too TTH for me personally. Still, the service is indeed extremely knowledgeable and attentive. Just not as…happy?

But don’t get me wrong – Manresa is an amazing restaurant. Next to my meals at Red Medicine, I’ve never appreciated the vegetable-centric dishes more at a restaurant. Every dish we had was indeed delicious and executed to near perfection from the technique and plating perspectives (except for the loin in the lamb dish – overcooked). The butterscotch dessert was one of the most inspired ones I’ve had this year, but I wouldn’t say that any of the savory dishes had a similarly lingering effect. It’s less of “man this dish was fucking awesome and I need to have it again now” and more of “oh okay that was a very good dish, but it’s supposed to be.”

These little imperfections at a “perfect” restaurant keep it from getting my “perfect” grade. Yeah, this post makes the restaurant sound somewhat indifferent, but that’s because an “A-” is disappointing for what is considered an “A” restaurant that has “A+” aspirations. Still, if you got the money, Manresa is still one of the flag-bearers of New American fine dining cuisine, and should be on every enthusiasts’ to-dine bucket list.

Red bell pepper pate de fruit, black olive madeleine

Gazpacho, 25 tomatoes

Local milk panna cotta, Monterey Bay abalone, breakfast radishes

Moroccan octopus, summer beans

Fava bean risotto, porcini mushroom, sheep’s milk cheese

“Into the Vegetable Garden”

Black cod, tomatillo, cassava, roasted bone sauce

Lightly smoked albacore

Roasted duck, fennel, fig, milk, honey

Napa Valley spring lamb, dates, olives

Butterscotch, plum, buckwheat

Raspberry, chocolate, tonka bean

Strawberry pate de fruit, chocolate madeleine, cocoa & basil bonbon

Chocolate brioche

Cuisine City/Neighborhood Price Grade
American Los Gatos $$$$ A-

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