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11/2/13 UPDATE: finished the 4 collections below, each with some descriptions to the restaurants in their respective collections. Enjoy :) is an upstart website that allows users to collect certain recipes to their own tailored lists. Simple concept, but the website itself is easy on the eyes. Recently, they’ve been trying to extend their repertoire to including restaurants in their database, and have asked bloggers to contribute their own curated “collections” (the lists) onto the website. For some reason, I’ve been asked to contribute as well. So I did! The lists are somewhat incomplete, as the website’s database of restaurants isn’t too expansive. But here are 4 collections I made (my profile):

K-TownRamen InvasionMy Favorite RestaurantsMy Favorite Sushi Restaurants

Those of you who know me know that I love making lists (see: my foursquare lists). So definitely has potential, in my opinion. They even had US & World Top 100 Restaurants lists curated by some big shots (including J. Gold). I’ll be adding more to the above lists as they add more restaurants to their database (the sushi one in particular).

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