Seasons 52 (Century City)


Seasons 52
10250 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 277-5252

My boss was sad that Houston’s closed in the Westfield Century City mall – like, REALLY sad. But it seems as though he found solace in Houston’s replacement…

When my boss offered to take me out to lunch for a job well done (regarding moving boxes, for the most part lol), he said that he had a new lunch spot in the mall, which turned out to be Seasons 52. I had read about the restaurant’s opening earlier this year, and am aware of the mini-chain’s (they have around 40 locations nationwide, headquartered in San Diego) philosophy regarding their “seasonally-inspired and award-winning international wine list” that fits right in with the city’s embrace of farm-to-table cuisine.

Upon entrance, Seasons 52’s decor doesn’t look or feel all that different from its predecessor. It’s a bit more wide-open, due to the main dining room being open to the patio (it’s definitely brighter, but it could just be the time of day), but for the most part, it definitely has the look (and the service that goes with it) that is fitting of the clientele in Century City. The dining room was nearly full, all professionals in formal attire. The only things that seemed out of place were the gardens in front and next to the lobby that demonstrated their farm-to-table dedication.

I didn’t want a big lunch, so I just ordered a “prime” tuna burger. The tuna appeared to be seared and then coarsely chopped a la tartare, and served with an Asian slaw, along with a wasabi aioli and a Thai sweet chili sauce. Not bad, but probably not worth the $13. The majority of the menu is stated to be under 500 calories/dish, so for those of you who are health-conscious, this is a nice place to do lunch, just be aware that the dishes are priced like the farm-to-table restaurants that it strives be. And indeed, the food tasted very “clean” here. Again, not bad, but nothing exciting obviously.

Seasons 52 has a novel concept that seems to have plenty of fans in the Century City area, and I’m sure the other locations are just as well-received by the locals. If I was the beautiful person I should be, living in West LA, I would probably appreciate the restaurant and its proximity to my office.

Wild Prime Tuna Burger

Cuisine City/Neighborhood Price Grade
American Century City $$$ B-

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