The Donut Man


The Donut Man
915 E Rt 66
Glendora, CA 91740
(626) 335-9111

The Donut Man – worth the hype? Yes. Worth the drive to Glendora from West LA though? As a person who’s not in love with donuts, probably not. However, if this was in my neighborhood or on my way to work, it could turn dangerous…

We stopped by and picked up some donuts last Friday morning, en route to Las Vegas for my friend Will’s bachelor party (he LOVES donuts). It was only 9am, but there was already over a dozen people in line (better than I expected actually). We got a couple dozen of donuts for the ride, including a dozen of just the fresh peach ones (they are indeed fresh – we saw columns of empty peach boxes stacked high behind the shop), as well as some tiger tails, apple-filled glazed, lemon-filled glazed, cream cheese-topped, and some maple bars – no big deal. Yes, the fresh peaches ones were LEGIT, as were the extremely long tiger tails that seemed to never end. I hope to try the fresh strawberry ones in the future, most likely on the way to Vegas again. Do note that it’s cash-only (but there’s an ATM on-site), and they are open 24/7.







Cuisine City/Neighborhood Price Grade
Donuts Glendora $ N/A

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3 thoughts on “The Donut Man

  1. I’m always split on whether the strawberries or peaches are better, but my fave of their are definitely the crullers. So eggy-spongy!

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