Lotus of Siam


Lotus of Siam
953 E Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 735-3033

What else can I say about Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas that hasn’t already been said by dozens of critics, hundreds of bloggers, and thousands of Yelpers? Not much, really. You know the drill: people behind Renu Nakorn in Norwalk moved to Las Vegas and took over the original Lotus of Siam, critical acclaim (J. Gold named it the best Thai restaurant in the U.S. a while back) and the crowds followed, and now it’s one of the most prominent restaurants in the city, and arguably the most influential Thai restaurant in the country.

During one of my trips to Las Vegas, we made it a goal to hit up off-Strip restaurants (which included Raku and Firefly), and of course Lotus was one of the restaurants on the hit list. They are still as busy as ever – I called ahead the day of for a reservation (highly recommended) and we still had to wait an additional 15 or so minutes. There was plenty of time to peruse the menu, but I did plenty of research beforehand. My advice would be to stick to the Specials/Northern Thai/Chef’s Choice, but definitely get the Nam Kao Tod from the appetizers section. The servers are also very knowledgeable about the dishes, and I’ve read that you can even have them send out dishes per chef’s choice.

As previously mentioned, Lotus specializes in Northern Thai/Isaan cuisine, which if I had to describe it to people, I would say that it’s less acidic and more…earthy? Just know that it’s not what most people are accustomed to, like pad thai and pad see ew, although Lotus does have all the standard dishes if you’re not feeling “adventurous” (but what’s the point of going if you’re not ordering what the restaurant specializes in?). In recent years, restaurants like Pok Pok are exposing the public to what Northern Thai food really is, as does Night+Market here in L.A. But people shouldn’t forget that Lotus (and Renu Nakorn before that – still around by the way) was the one who put the cuisine on the map.

So after all this hype, did the food at Lotus live up to expectations? It most definitely did. I have an unspoken allegiance of sorts to Night+Market, but Lotus is up there as one of my top-2 favorite Thai restaurants (I have yet to try Jitlada). Prices are very reasonable, but can be a bit pricey for the dishes in the Chef’s Choice section on the menu. Still, in a town that’s very expensive to dine in, especially on the Strip, you’re basically playing with house money paying for food of this caliber (and generous portions – for the most part, Thai restaurants are actually very stingy with portions in my opinion).

Below are photos of the dishes we ordered, all which I would order again, except maybe the garlic prawns, which were good, but not very Thai in execution (more of a pepper salt flavor) – I’d rather try another signature dish on my next visit. But it’s looking like a must-visit restaurant now, along with Raku, for my future Vegas trips. And for you wine aficionados, Lotus has a VERY extensive wine collection, notably Rieslings, which I’ve been told goes very well with the food there. The markup is apparently very low, and the collection is highly lauded.


Nam Kao Tod ($7.95)


Nam Prik Noom ($10.95)


Garlic Prawns ($21.95)


Sea Bass on Drunken Noodle ($29.95)


Khao Soi ($9.95)


Crispy Duck with Chili Mint Leaves ($20.95)

Cuisine City/Neighborhood Price Grade
Thai Las Vegas/Eastside $$ A-

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