Jim Dandy Fried Chicken

Jim Dandy
Photo credit: SinoSoul

Those close to me know that one of my most guilty pleasures is fried chicken. I don’t eat much of it, but when I do, it’s ugly – I can probably eat a whole bucket by myself. So which restaurant has the best fried chicken in L.A.? For a while, I figured Farmshop in Brentwood, where the fried chicken is a modified version of the famed version served at Ad Hoc in Yountville, would claim such a title. And while my visit to the restaurant was a mostly enjoyable one (post forthcoming), it left me wanting more – more out of my fried chicken. LA Weekly recently ran a “10 Best Fried Chicken in Los Angeles” list, and Jim Dandy stood atop the ranking (it also won the publication’s “Best Of” award for fried chicken, however redundant).  Maybe Jim Dandy can rescue me from such a predicament (get it?)…


I swung by Jim Dandy on a recent, freezing Sunday. The restaurant had the decor of a run-down laundromat, sassy employees that would make Tyler Perry proud, and enough bulletproof window to shame a local bank. I stepped up to the window and ordered a 4-piece meal, with corn fritters (basically hush puppies) and fries. To my surprise, I received my order within a couple of minutes (it was good timing – they just finished a batch). The fried chicken remained piping hot even after the ride back to my apartment. The fritters were decent, and the fries were subpar, but that’s not what I was there for – I was there for the fried chicken. I have to say, it was the best fried chicken I’ve had in recent memory, but it wasn’t head and shoulders above others (for one, Flossie’s was very comparable). But the skin was crispy and flavorful, the meat was juicy (even the white), and that’s all I could really ask for. For now, I am happily satisfied…until the day I find my one true love.


Chris Hei grade: B+

Jim Dandy Fried Chicken
11328 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90044
(323) 779-5567

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