Mom’s Burgers


I like moms. I like my mom. I like other people’s moms. I like people like they’re my moms. And I like stuff that moms make. I’m not sure if the people at the joint are mothers, or if “Mom” is a mother herself. But the burgers that are served at Mom’s Burgers certainly would win the argument of “my favorite ___ is the one my mom makes.” Except this mom is black and probably sassy.


Bad jokes aside, this is a ghetto burger at its finest. The patty is hand-formed, finished well-cooked on a flat top griddle. No aged meat or calculated blends or (insert ranch name here) artisan source, just a simple patty – well-seasoned with salt and pepper, and then seasoned even more by the grill via decades of its burger predecessors cooked on it. Yeah it’s well-cooked, but it’s still juicy and full of flavor. Bun is your standard commercial hamburger bun, which isn’t a bad thing, because these buns have been designed to be the right size for fast food patties, and there’s no place for bougie brioche in this part of town. And to top it all off, a combination of calorific fried egg, bacon strips, and/or cheap and fatty pastrami. Note that the burgers in the photos are the junior sizes (around 1/4 lb. sized) since I also bought food from Bludso’s – so the regular sized burgers are quite large here.


Eating at Mom’s reminds me of my high school days when I used to go to places like Oki-Dog and Roscoe’s – neighborhood joints that are delicious, filling, and give you a sense of street cred. But while those places won’t fully satisfy my now-snobby palate and cravings, Mom knows best. Except Compton ain’t my hood. But now I have two places to hit up down south, and I’ll probably die if I go too often. But it would probably be a glorious death from the most wonderful heart attack one can get.

Notes: cash only. Also, phone order ahead. I ordered my burgers while at Bludso’s, and still had to wait by the time I got there (not a big deal though – they’re cool peoples).

Chris Hei grade: B+

Mom’s Burgers
336 W Alondra Blvd
Compton, CA 90220
(310) 632-6622

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