I’m REALLY behind in updating this blog – blame it on apathy, laziness, work, even the rain. But my fatass has still been dining out, adding to the long list of places I need to write about. Sure, I can prioritize some and completely disregard others (which I do to a certain extent – since I do plan on getting to all of them eventually), but this blog is first and foremost a dining journal for myself. So it would not serve its true purpose if I didn’t write about all the restaurants I’ve visited, albeit half-assed most likely.


Back in August, I went to JTYH in Rosemead for an early dinner (5pm-ish) after leaving work early on a weekday to pick up my car from the shop in South El Monte (yeah it’s really far from me, but I really like them). “Foodies” and Yelpers are probably already familiar with the restaurant (I will have to credit SinoSoul yet again for the discovery), making the trek for their famous Shanxi dao xiao mian (knife-cut noodles). And the most popular and well-received version of these noodles, the lamb noodle soup, justified their praises. Dense, slippery, toothsome – you name it, these noodles got it.


As for the rest of the menu, it reads like a standard conglomerate of Northern Chinese cuisines. You got your standard beef rolls and dumplings, as well as the spicy Szechuan/Yunnan dishes. I ordered the Chongqing-style fried pig intestines (loved it), the pan-fried pork baos (like greasy bastard sons of the ones you’d find at Shanghai restaurants – pretty good), and the “cat ears” to-go (fairly standard, but solid). In an ever-so-crowded (and increasing) field of Chinese restaurants in the SGV, JTYH has proven that it can stand tall above the competition.


Chris Hei grade: B+

9425 Valley Blvd
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 442-8999

JTYH Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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