Baccali Cafe & Rotisserie


Cafes in the SGV – blah, blah.

There was a discussion on Chowhound re: late-night restaurants in the SGV started by The Offalo, and all I could think of was cafes. My conclusion: SGV is not a culinary haven after 10pm. But if I did have to choose a cafe, then Baccali would arguably be my current choice. Typical expansive menu that you’d find at a typical cafe, but Baccali executes it pretty well. Don’t get the chicken though, even if they do feature it as a specialty – it’s dry and fairly bland. Steak is decent for a medium-well cheap cut, as good as it’s going to get at a cafe. I usually stick to the noodles, and that’s where I would direct most people. After you party hard with your AzN and FOB friends, there are far worse things to eat.

Chris Hei grade: B-

245 W Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 293-3300

Baccali on Urbanspoon

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