I hate parking in Beverly Hills, especially during lunchtime. HATE IT. If it wasn’t such a damn hassle, I would make my way over to Momed much more often.

While the restaurant itself is bright and airy, fitting of the area, the food is anything but. I’m not saying that the food at Momed doesn’t measure up, because it certain does (and more). But it’s a pleasant surprise to see such sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine being executed along the likes of bougie boutiques and overpriced cafes. I can’t speak of the full experience at the restaurant, since lunch is a much more casual affair – but if the duck shawarma is any indication, then I expect the dinner to be along the likes of Mezze.

Back to that duck shawarma. Not really a shawarma, as the meat is actually shredded duck confit (seasoned with cinnamin and cumin), wrapped with mache, tomatoes, and fig confit in a warm flatbread. There is a garlic spread on the side that is reminiscent of the one you’d find at Zankou (creamier though), which isn’t even needed, as the wrap has a nice combination of savory and sweet flavors that work well together. It’s like a giant peking duck wrapped with hoisin sauce in the mushu wrapper, Mediterranean-style. And it’s a good thing that this shawarma is big too, as $14 ain’t a cheap lunch (but fitting of the area). But it’s worth it. Whether it’s worth the parking hassle is another story (it is – I’m just lazy).


Chris Hei grade: B+

233 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 270-4444

Momed on Urbanspoon

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