Gottsui is a Japanese restaurant on Sawtelle that specializes in okonomiyaki. But by day, they feature a special ramen that’s quite different from the likes of Tsujita and Jinya. It’s kind of like a Korean shin ramyun, which can be perceived as good or bad. For me, it’s…not bad. A beef-based broth that’s not all the way there in extracting flavor from the beef (if it was even used at all), noodles that look and taste like they were just removed from the wrapper, cheap cut of beef, half of a non-marinated hard-boiled egg, some bits of napa cabbage and fried onion strings, and kimchee-esque scallions that are included when you want the ramen “hot”. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, no? Actually, no. There is a reason why we love those bowls/packets of shin ramyun (besides the price). For whatever reason that is nostalgic or comforting, something like this can hit the spot on a cool day.


Chris Hei grade: B-

2119 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 478-0521

Gottsui on Urbanspoon


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