Hen House Grill


I’m currently watching the season premiere of Homeland, so I thought it’d be appropriate to choose a Middle Eastern restaurant off my queue (by the way, the actor who plays Abu Nazir goes to Attari Sandwich Shop – I’m totally going to bust a Carrie and stalk him). Went to Hen House Grill in Irvine with Han and Natalie over a couple of months ago, and I was pleasantly caught off-guard by: 1) there’s a Middle Eastern restaurant in the OC that’s decent, and 2) there are Middle Eastern people in Irvine? But yeah, we were the only non-Persian patrons during our visit, and that can only be a good thing (Han was very proud of this).

While the food here isn’t destination-worthy even if it was in LA, I think Hen House Grill can easily blend in in Tehrangeles and succeed. Both the beef and chicken koobideh tasted authentic, and more importantly, tasted good. Same goes for the eggplant dip. I would actually choose the food here over the popular Sunnin near me. Prices are comparable with the Persian/Iranian restaurants, portions are more than fair, and we got so much sangak we needed two tables just to have enough room for it. Overall, a good choice if you want something different for those of you in Irvine. For me, who has lived near Tehrangeles for almost a decade, it’s a nice familiarity.




UntitledWas helping Han move that day – my housewarming gift.

Chris Hei grade: B

Hen House Grill
18040 Culver Dr
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 786-2000

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4 thoughts on “Hen House Grill

    1. Wholesome Choice is a Persian market?!? I am so uninformed :(

      This place is in the same plaza. Maybe there are Persians in Irvine…

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