Wicked Spoon


Wicked Spoon is definitely the new hotness of the buffets in Las Vegas (at least until Bacchanal opens later this month at Caesars), and deservingly so. Being the Asian that I am, the buffet meal has been a staple of every single one of my trips to the Sin City up until last year. Guess I finally grew up, or just realized that I couldn’t eat my money’s worth nowadays since I lost a few pounds. But my friends still still love it, and I certainly can appreciate a buffet when it’s done right. And that’s exactly what Wicked Spoon has managed to pull off.


The first thing you notice about Wicked Spoon is the decor. A bit over the top for a buffet (okay, very), but sure looks sleek and sexy. Then you notice…the quantity. It might be just me, but I think there are far less options here, because I always finish my scouting runs very quickly (yes I have a buffet strategy). But that is actually a good thing, as the quantity of the food is better than any of the other buffets in Las Vegas across the board. There are more live stations, there is a good variety of options despite having fewer of such, and there are things served that you’d never see at buffets. I’ve had the likes of pig tails, bone marrow, slab bacon from the carving station, and mussels tossed with butter and herbs at another station. Of course, this being a buffet, the quality wasn’t all there all the time. Some meats from the carving station were dry and on the bland side. And there were still plenty of generic options, in carb form too (I try to stay away from carbs at buffets). But this is a buffet, and for such a place, this is as good as it gets…

Note: $22 brunch ($29 on weekends), $35 dinner – both come with a drink I believe.

Chris Hei grade: B

Wicked Spoon
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 698-7000

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