Tacos Leo


Hola alli!

That’s “o hei there!” translated to Spanish. Well, technically it’s “hi there.” And it’s a literal translation (no one says “hi there” in Spanish, I don’t think). And it’s not punctuated correctly…

As I mentioned in a previous post, Sunday is becoming the day when I drive out of my way to try a casual place that has been sitting on my to-dine list. On this particular Sunday, I drove to the gas station on the corner of Venice and La Brea, the host site of what is arguably the best traditional taco truck in LA. The lot is always packed when I drive by, and this night was no exception. Meanwhile, the truck across the street was lonely.

The thing to get at Tacos Leo is the tacos al pastor. They cut the meat from a rotating spit (probably more popular in correlation with gyros and shawarmas). There’s a whole pineapple spiked on top of the spit, from which a small piece is sliced along with generous portions of the meat onto small corn tortillas – very traditional al pastor. The meat itself had a red-ish outside hue, not too different from Chinese char-siu. It was good by itself, but even better with the assorted salsas and condiments from the self-serve bar next to the truck (go for the guacamole sauce). Very nice.

As is the case with a place like Fab Hot Dogs, I’m not sure if I’d go too far out of my way for this. But if you’re hungry and headed home from SGV or wherever on the 10W, I strongly advise you to exit at La Brea and pay Tacos Leo a visit. You won’t regret experiencing a slice of LA life, courtesy of the delicious slices of al pastor. Oh, and it’s $1 per taco. I didn’t stutter…



Chris Hei grade: B+

Tacos Leo
Corner of La Brea Blvd & Venice Blvd

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