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My friend Alex Adams loves all things Indian, especially women. But Indian food comes second. And apparently he was craving it last month. I, of course, found this to be a good opportunity to knock off one restaurant from my to-try list, so I suggested the only Indian restaurant that was on said list. I find found out about the restaurant via J. Gold’s 99 Essential Restaurants list, as Mayura has been a list regular for years. I used to live a couple of blocks away, but never found myself trying the place.

Mayura specialize in Southern Indian cuisine, which is different from the typical Indian dishes that the average diner is familiar with (tandoori, tikki masala, etc. – Northern Indian cuisine). I let Alex take charge of ordering, sans requesting the appam with fish curry, since I had read about it. The appam has a spongy texture and tasted a bit sourdough-y, similar to Ethiopian injera. The fish, which was salmon I believe, was over though. Still a pretty solid dish. Most of what we ordered were like that – just solid, nothing spectacular.

The highlight of the meal was the paper dosa. It was thin and crispy, very crepe-like, and had a nice buttery taste. Mayura has a nice variety of dosas, and I am very intrigued by most of them. I saw a couple of tables with sizzling skillets of something as well, but I have no idea what the dish was. Overall, my first attempt at Southern Indian cuisine was rather…safe. It just wasn’t as in-your-face like some of the Indian food I’ve eaten in the past. I would like to visit again, and just order the dosas. But I’m in no hurry to do so.


Bhel Puri ($3.95) – mix of fresh tomatoes, onions, boiled potatoes & tamarind chutney


Kerala Sp Appam w/ Fish Curry ($11.95)


Raita ($2.50) – yogurt w/ cucumber & onion


Garlic Naan ($2.50)


Paper Dosa ($6.95) – crispy paper thin rolled rice crepe


Malai Kofta ($8.95) – vegetarian cheese balls in tomato sauce

Chris Hei grade: B-

10406 Venice Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 559-9644

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