Bak Kung


A big group of us (15+) came here for the birthdays of Eugenia/Michelle (since they have the same birthday). It was more like two cliques, because each girl’s friends didn’t really know the other’s very well. Like we had cooties or something. Anyways, Michelle chose this restaurant because she thought it was still Cham Sut Gol, and they used to give birthday diners a meal on the house. But even though ownership and name changed, they gave the girls half off each. Not a bad compromise.

Basically, this is your run-of-the-mill AYCE Korean BBQ place. All of us got the mid-range option, at $20/person. Had a pretty huge variety of meats to choose from in this range, from the typical bulgogi to the more obscure intestines. Quality of the proteins was okay, but they went down my stomach well. There are plenty of better places to go for Korean BBQ, even AYCE ones, but this was not bad – can’t complain at all. Also, service here was the best I’ve seen at a AYCE Korean BBQ place, and they even speak Mandarin. So if you’re Chinese and want some star treatment, this is your KBBQ joint. Otherwise, there are too many options in the area.

Chris Hei grade: B-

Bak Kung Korean BBQ
3700 W Olympic Blvd, Ste 100
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 734-9292

Bak Kung Korean BBQ on Urbanspoon

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