The Munchie Machine


Another food truck around work – this time it was The Munchie Machine stopping by. I haven’t had the best of luck with the food trucks here, or any food truck for that matter. Just can’t seem to get a really good experience from one. But The Munchie Machine was able to alleviate…none of my concerns (sorry, let’s just call that a late April fools joke). Like the name states, these are sandwiches that I would ideally crave if I had the munchies (maybe under the influence for others).

I ordered the Croque de Munchie – honey ham, fried egg, provolone, dijon and mayo. The sandwich itself wasn’t too bad, like I would really enjoy something like this if I made it myself at home. But there was nothing special about how it was made or any of the ingredients used – you can find them at your local supermarket. Not that it factored into my judgment, but $8 for a ham+egg+cheese sammie that I could make at home isn’t going to impress me. Also, the fries were kind of limp, but pretty tasty when tossed with some parmesan and pesto. Just asking for the world out of a food truck I suppose. At least it satisfied my munchies that day, but not my palate.





Chris Hei grade: C

The Munchie Machine
Twitter: munchiemachine1

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