Ding’s Garden


For an area with so many Chinese people, you’d think that there would be a plethora of quality Chinese options as well in the Rowland Heights area. Unfortunately, the options are nothing compared to the heart of SGV. But we’re in the area quite a bit, as most of you who actually visit my blog know. We were originally going to go get dim sum at Happy Harbor, but it was closing (we went at around 2:45). Faced with the decision of going to Coconut Bay without NFL games on, Han quickly looked for another place for us. He found Ding’s Garden, in same plaza as Coconut Bay.

For some reason I assumed it was Taiwanese cuisine, but realized my mistake when I saw the numerous beef noodle soup and xiao long bao options on the menu. The six of us (myself, Han, Natalie, Daniel, Liz, and Stephen) ordered: 2x beef noodle soup, cold appetizer combo, onion pancake, and XLB for Liz. It was enough, since we weren’t that hungry, and Stephen didn’t want to eat the tripe, bean curd, etc. because he’s as white as rice (which he probably doesn’t eat either). Nothing great, and nowhere near the quality of similar restaurants in SGV, but everything was fairly solid.

Beef noodle soup tasted…like beef noodle soup. The cold cuts were pretty good, too. The onion pancake was interesting, because they weren’t the thin ones most people are accustomed to. Rather, they were thick and doughy, reminiscent of those sesame pancakes you see at Chinese Islamic restaurants. And the outside was crispy as if it had been in a deep fryer. Not bad, although I’ll take the normal version any day. Overall, Ding’s Garden is arguably my favorite restaurant in the area now, and isn’t that just a bit sad…



Chris Hei grade: B-

Ding’s Garden
18922 Gale Ave, Ste A
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 810-0600

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