Cook’s Tortas


After a basketball game a few Sundays ago in Covina, a few of us decided to eat at Cook’s Tortas for a late lunch, since it was kind of on the way back, and it’s one of Kevin’s favorite places. Like the name states, they serve tortas, or Mexican sandwiches. But instead of your traditional street food ones, the tortas here are a bit more classy, and not limited to traditional ingredients. Also, instead of using a bolillo or telera bread (the standard for tortas), Cook’s uses a bread that is more along the lines of a baguette and ciabatta, with a sourdough taste. I thought that the chew on the bread made it a nice vessel for the various combination of ingredients.

I ordered the ahogada, which was a wet sandwich that had carnitas and pickled onions, with the bread soaking up a spicy gravy and more of said gravy poured over the completed sandwich. The pork was cooked nicely and the sandwich tasted very good, although I didn’t really get any heat. And I thought that the flavors could’ve been a bit bolder. I had a bite of Daniel’s portobello mushroom sandwich, which was pretty good but a bit on the dry side. It looks like they rotate most of the sandwiches on a regular basis, which is cool. I really want to come back and try some of the other variations. Also, the agua frescas were very good. I tried the jamaica (hibiscus) and melon ones; both were very refreshing. And each sandwich comes with one side. I got the potato salad, which was okay. Will choose the sweet potato fries instead next time.



Ahogada #10 – slow cooked pork, spicy double dip, extra napkins, onion pickles



Chris Hei grade: B

Cook’s Tortas
1944 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(323) 278-3536

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