I had never been to Bruxie until a couple of Saturdays ago, when I drove down to the OC to visit Greg (and Han later in that evening), because it’s so damn far. Even though I’m the one who told him about the place to begin with, Greg acts like he’s the ambassador of Bruxie when the place is brought up in conversations (the same goes for Burger Parlor). But in addition to raves from Greg, I read plenty of positive reports from fellow bloggers. So I was fairly enthusiastic about trying these waffle sandwiches…

We went to their second location that opened late last year in Brea, since it was the location closer to Greg’s apartment. The line was out the door (not nearly as long as Farrell’s though), but moved very quickly. Being the fatty that I am, I wanted to get one savory one and one sweet one. Like I previously mentioned, these are basically sandwiches that use a waffle in lieu of bread/buns. It’s an interesting take on it. The waffle wasn’t sweet, and was light and airy, with a slight crisp to it. Kind of like a puffy crepe. In fact, that’s probably how you should imagine these concoctions, as savory and sweet crepes, except waffles are used as the vessel.

For my savory one I got the buttermilk fried chicken, their most popular item on the menu. Basically there’s a big fried chicken strip with some slaw and honey that has a slight kick. It was solid, but not worth the hype. The chicken was a bit on the bland side, and had no crunch to it. I’ll go to Roscoe’s any day over this. For my sweet one I got the seasonal creme brulee. I like this one better than the fried chicken. It was actually like eating a creme brulee-stuffed waffle. The little pieces of burnt sugar was a nice touch.

I can see why Bruxie is so damn popular. It’s fast, casual, and fun – like your girl on the side (not that I would know). But to say that these waffle sandwiches are worth going out of my way for would be a vast overstatement. Still, if I’m in the area, or if Greg’s driving, I would have no problem coming back and trying some of their other interesting-sounding items.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffle

Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffle ($6.95) – chili honey & cider slaw

Seasonal Creme Brûlée

Seasonal Creme Brulee ($6.50) – classic vanilla creme with burnt raw sugar & seasonal fresh fruit

Chris Hei grade: B-

215 W Birch St, Ste 1
Brea, CA 92821
(714) 255-1188

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