Twist Burgers


I’m not a big food truck person. There are quite a few of them that frequent the BEBE office next to my work, but I rarely make my way out to try them (although I should, even if it’s solely for the eye candy). Anyways, a coworker of mine said that she had read pretty good things about Twist Burgers (probably from Yelp). Since I didn’t know what to eat for lunch with another coworker, I mentioned the truck and he suggested we check it out. I was thinking “meh,” but it wasn’t as if I had anywhere else in mind (this coworker doesn’t like noodles *gasp*, so no Tsujita).


I ordered the #2, The People’s Choice, and made a combo out of it. Basically what see see above is a (very) poor man’s version of In-N-Out‘s Double-Double (even has the same ingredients)…until you take a bite. There is when you also find the goat cheese and blueberry sauce. I kind of felt like too much was going on there, as if the flavors are fighting with one another. But it was actually pretty decent. The fries, however, were quite the unmitigated disaster. Supposedly twice-fried Belgian-style, these fries were limp and soggy. Overall though, I would have no problems having the burger again if it comes around.

Chris Hei grade: B-

Twist Burgers
(310) 749-2672
Twitter: thetwistburgers

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