Hole in the Wall (2)


So I’ve been to Hole in the Wall a few times, and had written about it last June here. And I usually don’t write multiple posts for the same place, unless it’s a place where I order a variety of things from…or in this case – a grade change. I really don’t like to emphasize the grades I give, because they’re purely subjective and only reflect how I feel at the time of writing. In fact, I could probably even change around half a dozen of them (which I might do during a “spring cleaning” of the site coming up). But in this case, the change represents my new opinions of the place, so I thought it’d be appropriate to write a new post.

Basically, the burger I had last June was solid, but didn’t excite me to the very least. To nitpick, the burger patty was over, and everything just felt rather a bit plain and heavy. This time, however, I was finally smart enough to request the patty medium-rare. What a big difference it made! Sure, the done-ness of the patty was somewhat inconsistent, but it averaged out to a medium-rare. Because it was so, the patty was much more juicy and flavorful.

I tried the weekly special on this visit, the pastrami burger. It on was a whole wheat bun, with THREE slices of swiss cheese, thousand island dressing, and coleslaw. Like a burger version of the #19 at Langer’s Deli. I already mentioned the improved patty, which went well with the bun, pastrami and dressing. Swiss was good, too, but three slices was overkill. Plus I would’ve preferred it a bit melted, since it was on a burger as opposed to a sandwich. Also, slaw was too…mayo-y I suppose. Flawed, but quite enjoyable.

I actually went once more since this last visit, and ordered basically what I got last June, but with a fried egg and the patty medium-rare. Much better! This basically secured the grade raise. Amazing how much of a difference an appropriately-cooked patty can make. Also, pretzel bun was good as always, but dense. Fills you up quick. But my opinions of Hole in the Wall have certainly changed for the better. And who knows, maybe I’ll write about it again to raise the grade even more.




Chris Hei grade: B

Hole in the Wall Burger Joint
11058 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 312-7013

Hole in the Wall Burger Joint on Urbanspoon


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