Our basketball team (myself, Han, Kevin, Lawrence, Zhu^2, Jeremy, and Travis) came here from Industry after a game last month. I’ve had Zelo once, a long time ago, so I didn’t remember what the place looked like (which is why we drove by the place without noticing at first). I think we went around 2pm on a Saturday, and the place was empty. We had the outside patio to ourselves. Jeremy got there first, and he’s quite familiar with Zelo, so he started us off with a whole corn pizza + sausage, and a half and half of spinach pesto and potato pancetta (which was one of their specials).

Zelo is known for their cornmeal crust, which I’m sure most people haven’t had before. It is absent of the dough-iness you’d find in “regular” pizza, instead having a nice crunch of sorts from the cornmeal crust. It is also a bit heavier in my opinion, so you’d probably eat less slices than you expect. The corn is their signature pizza, and for good reason. The combination of fresh corn and caramelized onions is hard to beat, and we got our protein fix with the added sausage.

The others were pretty good as well, though not nearly as good as the corn. Lawrence proceeded to order an additional half pizza, the wild mushroom, probably because he wanted to be heard (he turned from his seat and literally yelled at the window, which did nothing to stop the projection). It was pretty good as well, but tasted kind of mild in comparison to the other pizzas. I’ve been spoiled by the Neapolitan pizza craze that has hit LA, ever since first inception. And I still prefer the best of what that trend has to offer. But the pizzas at Zelo were a nice change of pace, and if I lived in Pasadena, it would be a regular haunt.


Corn Pizza

Corn Pizza w/ Sausage ($22 + $3)

1/2 Spinach Pesto Pizza, 1/2 Potato Pancetta Pizza

1/2 Spinach Pesto Pizza, 1/2 Potato Pancetta Pizza ($22)

1/2 Wild Mushroom Pizza

1/2 Wild Mushroom Pizza ($11.50)

Chris Hei grade: B

328 E Foothill Blvd
Arcadia, CA 91006
(626) 358-8298

Zelo on Urbanspoon

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