The Greasy Wiener


The Greasy Wiener was at my work a couple of weeks ago, and my coworkers said that they won some OC Fair competition. Award-winning hot dogs? Just like that, I was sold.

I decided on the Bomb Pack, which is a combo consisting of The Bomb (bacon wrapped dog, mustard, chili & cheese, grilled onions) and Bacon Chili Cheese Fries. That sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen. I’m just lucky I didn’t soil my pants immediately after eating. Anyways, I’m not sure if the hot dogs themselves are any more noteworthy than the standard ones you’d find at hot dog stands and places like Pink’s. And the preparation isn’t really sexy, but rather just a combination of nice toppings like bacon, chili & cheese, and grilled onions. Nothing spectacular, but solid comfort food – comforting all the way to the grave.

Chris Hei grade: B-

The Greasy Wiener

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