Banh Mi Che Cali


Another place in the SGV I used to frequent quite often, but haven’t done so in a while. My friends and I used to go to the Banh Mi Che Cali in Alhambra all the time, where they served good Vietnamese good at great prices. I really don’t know why we haven’t been back in such a long time (maybe because we used to go so much), but Danno suggested it last Sunday because he needed to go grocery shopping in Rosemead and said that there was another location of Banh Mi Che Cali nearby.


This location in Rosemead is a little different than the Alhambra one, where you order everything at the counter to-go and there are some tables available for you to eat there if you want (as opposed to actually dining in). Also, the selection seemed to differ a little. Consider this one a (even more) casual to-go spin-off of the Alhambra location. I usually get a vermicelli or another noodle/rice dish, but since we were ordering to-go I decided to order some banh mi. Banh mi is seriously one of the greatest value foods of all time. I got 3 footlong-sized banh mi for less than $7. That’s 2 meals right there. And the banh mi at Banh Mi Che Cali is made very well. The baguette has a nice combination of chewiness and crunchiness, and the cold cut meats and pate tasted good as well. I should just buy a dozen of them next time I’m in the SGV and eat those throughout the week.

Chris Hei grade: B

Banh Mi & Che Cali
8450 Valley Blvd
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 288-5600

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