Le Saigon

9/16/11Finally, a decent Vietnamese recommendation by Mr. TTH, let alone a decent recommendation period. I remember first coming to Le Saigon when it first opened a while back, although I don’t remember my experience there. For some reason, even though I’m sure my experience wasn’t a bad one, I had never thought to return all these years. Instead, I was forced to go to terrible West LA Vietnamese places like Pho Citi. So now that I live a few blocks away, can Le Saigon fill the void of a good Vietnamese restaurant in West LA?


Pho Saigon Dac Biet ($8) – rice noodle soup with well-cooked and rare beef

I ordered the standard #1 at Le Saigon, which is the pho with rare and well-cooked beef. First of all, the broth was better than my recent trips to other Vietnamese places. There was actually flavor! The rare beef looked like it was cut while the meat was frozen, but I did appreciate it being rare when served. While the pho was satisfying, I still wasn’t too impressed. I consider pho one of those dishes that is easy to make, but hard to master. And in this case, the pho at Le Saigon was just a solid bowl of pho. But to answer my question from earlier, I do believe that there is finally a decent Vietnamese restaurant I can go to without driving to the SGV or Westminster. And it’s withing walking distance! Note to self: cash only.

Chris Hei grade: B-

Le Saigon
11611 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 312-2929

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