Dean Sin World (2)

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We came back to Dean Sin World after watching the first half of Sunday night football at Danno’s place. Unlike last time, where there were multiple tables and only two people working, there was only one table this time (the six of us – myself, Danno, Ben, Larry, Michelle, Alan), and I believe there were even three of them (boss lady herself, the other lady from last time, and another lady), so everything came out fast. The boss lady even said that she started steaming our orders of xiao long bao in anticipation when we sat down.

9/11/11Pork Bean with Egg Noodle

Ignore the weird English name, this was actually zha jiang mein, a very popular northern Chinese noodle dish topped with ground pork and fermented soybean paste. Instead of traditional wheat noodles, however, Dean Sin World uses egg noodles. What a great choice! The egg noodles were delicious, and went really well with the pork, bean curd, scallions, and of course the sauce. We ordered another serving of this after finishing the first plate, and they gave us more noodles the second time around.

PhotoPan Cake with Beef

Not as “urban” as last time. The beef rolls (we ordered two of these) were much better this time around, not as fried and oily as the ones we had in our previous visit. Very close to the one served at 101 Noodle Express (I hate to keep using 101 as an example, but they are the beef roll standard).

PhotoFried Dumpling

Simple pork potstickers, but executed very well. Looked and tasted homemade, if your household consisted of Chinese food pros.

PhotoFried Bun

Just as good as last time. I actually like that the ones at Dean Sin World aren’t that juicy, since I think that would contradict with the pan-fried exterior of the buns.

PhotoSteamed Pork Bun

Of course, two orders of the xiao long bao. Same story here: not as juicy as the ones at Din Tai Fung, but better overall.

I don’t have to say that Dean Sin World is the best balance of quality and value in the San Gabriel Valley, because the food speaks for itself. And the food and service were even better on this visit. Note that all of the dishes above ably fed six hungry people (including Larry, who’s the equivalent of four diners on his best day), and we basically paid around nine dollars with tax and tip included (and that’s including me giving a few extra dollars). Can’t wait to come back again :)

Chris Hei grade: B+

Dean Sin World
306 N Garfield Ave #2
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 571-0636

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