Poquito Mas

9/6/11My coworkers love this place. I have nothing against Poquito Mas, but I don’t think it’s a place I’d go to on a regular basis. It’s basically a better version of Baja Fresh in my opinion. But I have neglected my coworkers during lunch the last few months, so they guilt-tripped me into going here with them for lunch last Thursday.

PhotoFresh Ahi Tuna Burrito – Fresh broiled Ahi Tuna, cabbage, cilantro, onion, rice, Jack cheese, Fresh salsa, Fresh guacamole and our Roasted Red Pepper Sour Cream

Poquito Mas prides themselves on the freshness of their seafood, listing the seafood items with “market” prices. The market price for the ahi tuna burrito I ordered was around nine dollars. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard to tell the quality of the tuna itself when it was fully cooked. But the fish, and the other burrito fillings, were not bad. And the tortilla was pressed on the spot, a nice touch. Overall, it’s a pretty good burrito. But I definitely don’t share the same opinion as my coworkers about the place in general. Still, it’s a nice place to come for lunch every once in a while.

Chris Hei grade: B-

Poquito Mas
2215 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 474-1998

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3 thoughts on “Poquito Mas

      1. It wouldn’t have made a difference anyways. Plus I didn’t want to be like: “hey bro can I have a bite of your food for review purposes?” lol.

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