Le Village Buffet

9/3/11Came here last Saturday for the champagne brunch. Buffets, as trashy as the concept may be, is a stable for each of my Vegas visits. I’ve been to just about all of the major hotels’ buffets, and the quality of each is all over the board. On one end, there’s The Buffet at Bellagio, where there is a plethora of options at surprisingly decent quality (I even got buzzed once on oyster shooters – proof that they’re not skimping on the goods). On the other end, there’s The Buffet at Treasure Island, where food was so bad I basically only ate five eggs benedict and left everything else unfinished. Even though we stayed at TI, we were smart enough to fight convenience and leave the hotel for buffet. As for the quality of Le Village Buffet at Paris, it was probably in between the two examples I gave above.


Under the faux French village decorations, there was a decent variety of food, along with unlimited champagne and juice (which meant unlimited mimosas). Unfortunately, the mimosas were the best part of the buffet brunch. There were some “hits” (in quotations because they were really only hits in comparison), like the prime rib, omelet and crepes. But for the most part, the food just wasn’t all that good. Not TI bad, but not necessarily good either. Enough said. Better than TI, but next time I think I’ll stick to the sure thing that is at Bellagio.

Chris Hei grade: C

Le Village Buffet
Paris Las Vegas
3655 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 946-7000

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