Ad Hoc

Went to Napa for labor day and needless to say for a non-alcohol drinker such as myself the purpose of the trip was culinary goodness. I’ve wanted to go to Bouchon (haven’t been to a single one) for ages and have heard good things about Ad Hoc so decided to check it out on the first day there (made reservation as soon as I found out we were going). I told Daniel that I was going up and invited him and Liz over for lunch. Little did I know they’d stay for dinner too and somehow we squeezed in a reservation for 4 at 9:30 PM. Everything worked out perfectly as our res for 2 was at 10 PM so we got an earlier time AND have more company, as Ad Hoc serves meals family style.

We got there right on time at 9:30PM after an intense game of mini-golf in which yours truly fist pumped his way in the last two holes to win by 1, fending off Natalie and Daniel who was carrying a purse for half the time. All of us were still full from our lunch at Bouchon (which finished at around 4 PM) so i wasn’t expecting to eat that much (lolol)

Ad Hoc has a prix fixe menu every day for the group. You can’t choose anything but there was an additional salad that you can order.

I went to the restroom and as I came out I spotted Teddy Atlas (i didn’t know the name but i recognized him from TV). He would not be the only famous person we’d see during the meal.


Heirloom tomato salad with crab. Delicious and very refreshing

Endive and green leaf salad. There were hazelnuts in the salad as well that added crunch and tasted like hazelnuts!

Wow. this is the best ribs I’ve ever eaten. I literally couldn’t pass up the opportunity to eat the bone. It was so tender but not bloody, and it just melts in your mouth thats what she said. The squash was sweet and fresh. Such great dish

nomnomnoomnom. It was around this moment that I spotted Thomas Keller walking in the restaurant! (or was it earlier?) Anyways i was very star struck but I still ate more meats. I think the girls only had 2~3 pieces each and the men killed the whole plate. whew

This was freaking delicious, except we were too full to eat the cheese. Daniel improvised and spread the cheese all over bread. Very cool idea. I was tempted to walk over to Thomas Keller’s table and pitched the grilled cheese idea to him.

Dessert: peanut butter bars with concord grape sorbet.

This was just an all-around great meal. I’d put this up as 1b to my 1a meal of the year at Cut so far. The ambiance, service (although there were some awkward moments), music (which was excellent that everyone at the table noticed), and most importantly, the food. I’ve read articles that said the restaurant’s casual approach is a bit forced and at times too much, but I respectively disagreed. This would be an awesome place to have a birthday dinner and IMO even more important events *ahemahem*

Ad Hoc
6476 Washington St
Yountville, CA 94599
(707) 944-2487

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