Deano’s Deli

8/30/11I didn’t have time to eat lunch on Tuesday (due to picking up new pair of glasses), so I had to resort to Deano’s Deli in front of bebe. Having never heard of the food truck, and not being particularly interested in what they were serving, I was strongly considering forgoing having lunch that day. But I was REALLY hungry after getting back to the office, so I figured it was worth a shot since it was either this or something from Ralph’s. And there wasn’t a line, so I wouldn’t have to wait too long.

PhotoI believe that they’re a relatively new food truck (only two reviews on Yelp, and no food blogger reviews so far – surprise given the number of self-proclaimed critics in L.A. who want to be the first to report on all things food), so there wasn’t any research to be done. All I knew was that the sandwiches were quite pricey, but I wanted some variety. So I essentially paid $13 for a whole sandwich. Was it worth it?

MeatballMeatball ($7 half) – provolone, marinara, hot peppers

The trucks peeps suggested this, one of their specials. Unfortunately, not impressed at all. The meatballs were a bit bland and the marinara sauce had no flavor at all. The only flavor evident was the sourness from the “hot” peppers, and the bread didn’t go well with everything else. How sad, considering my love for meatball subs.

Roast BeefRoast Beef ($6 half) – cheddar, fried green tomatoes, horseradish mayo

Much better than the meatball. The roast beef itself was rarer than the usual roast beef, although the flavor was somewhat light. The sharp cheddar was a surprise choice to go with roast beef, but not bad. Horseradish mayo, on the other hand, was anything but a surprise to go with roast beef, and not bad as well. It didn’t look like the fried tomatoes were actually green tomatoes, but the fried slices gave the sandwich a nice crunch, which the stale bread was unable to do.

I wanted to give Deano’s Deli a B-, since it’s not pretty to knock on a business (I know firsthand from formerly being in the restaurant industry myself), let alone a new one. The roast beef was probably a B- on its own, but the meatball was a C at best. And with new places I try, I’ve noticed that I tend to NOT give them the benefit of the doubt. This is probably a self-imposed defense mechanism to lower my expectations for possible future visits, and to imagine giving these places something to strive for. I hope Deano’s Deli takes the time to develop their sandwiches (because there can never be enough sandwich places), and maybe I’ll stop by again if they’re near my work next time. Good luck guys.

Chris Hei grade: C

Deano’s Deli

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