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I didn’t realize that Waterloo & City was right next to A-Frame, which I found out when I went to the latter a couple of Wednesdays ago. After hearing glowing reviews of the restaurant from coworkers, I felt that I had to make a visit before I moved out of the area at the end of this month. So when Jeannie and Joseph came over to help me move and have dinner around the area last Friday, I took this opportunity to finally visit the British gastropub, named after a short underground railroad line in London.

PhotoOur draft beers. Jeannie also ordered a glass of red. What an alcoholic.

PhotoThree varieties of bread, deliciously fresh out of the oven.

House Made and Imported CharouterieHouse Made and Imported Charcuterie – Prince ($28)

If there is one thing to order at Waterloo & City, it has to be the charcuterie platter. For the three of us, our server suggested the prince (medium) one. I really liked this idea of the platter, since I really wanted to try a variety. From this, we got to taste around half of what the restaurant had to offer that night. I definitely want to try some of the other options on possible future visits, like smoked tongue and carrot terrine.

Duck & Walnut Country PateDuck & Walnut Country Pate, Orange Marmalade

Nice combination of sweet from the marmalade and savory from the pate, with a nice hint of nuttiness from the walnut.

Chicken Liver & Foie Gras MousseChicken Liver & Foie Gras Mousse

Very creamy and smooth. The soft texture was like cream cheese. Went really well with the toasted brioche that came with the platter.

Rabbit & Pistachio TerrineRabbit & Pistachio Terrine, Piccalilli, Brioche

My least favorite of the selections, but it was good nonetheless. I think it’s because the texture was a little tougher, and the pistachio didn’t add much flavor or contrast.

Wild Boar PateWild Boar Pate

This was actually one of the specials of the day, and we decided to choose it as one of the platter selections. Arguably my favorite of the bunch, with a slight kick of spice.

Cured Meats SelectionCured Meats Selection, Cornichons, Pickled Onions

Nothing noteworthy, just a tasty combination of prosciutto, salami and capocollo(?). The pickled veggies were a nice complement to all the salty meats.

Veal FiletVeal Filet ($27)

I really didn’t know what to order, since the menu seems to vary from traditional British pub fare to bistro fare to even a little Italian. Our server, who was very helpful throughout the night, suggested this dish, which was one of the specials that night. The veal was so juicy and tender. I wasn’t sure how the croquettes and leeks would fit in, but they were delicious as well.  This was probably my favorite dish of the night.

Tomato TerrineTomato Terrine ($13)

With all the meats we ordered, I felt that we had to get some veggies. Nonsense! Well, I had heard good things of the tomato terrine, another one of the specials. It was a nice contrast to the other things we ordered, cool and refreshing.

Sticky Toffee PuddingSticky Toffee Pudding, Milk Ice Cream, Salted Caramel ($9)

I already had my heart set on ordering this famous dessert of theirs, but it was brought to our table before I had a chance to look at the desserts menu. The rabbit and pistachio terrine had a piece of plastic wrap on it. I didn’t say anything, because it didn’t deter from the dish and it wasn’t a big deal. But our server was apologetic, and comped us the dessert as a result. We really appreciated it! The dessert was extremely sweet, but the ice cream provided a nice balance. Overall, an awesome dessert.

It’s unfortunate that I didn’t have a chance to visit Waterloo & City more often, now that I’m moving out of the area. I would definitely come back to try some of the other charcuterie and more traditional British pub dishes like shepherd’s pie and the medium-rare pork chop with black pudding that I’ve heard so much about – didn’t remember seeing either on the menu that night though (my coworker also suggested the tuna tartare – but come on, tuna tartare…at a gastropub? we’ll see). This was my first time at a gastropub (I don’t really consider Ford’s Filling Station or even Father’s Office as such), and it alleviated any doubt I had about the fare being boring.

Chris Hei grade: B+

Waterloo & City
12517 Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 391-4222

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