8/4/11Clementine is a popular lunch spot/bakery located just north of the Westfield Century City mall. Christina and Jolene were nice enough to pick me up from work for lunch a couple of Thursdays ago, on their way to the beach. I gave them the choices of either Apple Pan or Clementine, as those two places came to mind when thinking of somewhere really close to work. The girls chose the latter. I’ve been to Clementine a few times for lunch and grilled cheese month dinners (in May I think). But this would be the first time I’ve sat down during prime lunch hours. And the place was pretty packed. Luckily, we only had to wait around ten minutes after placing our order.

Prosciutto and BrieProsciutto and Brie – with balsamic roasted onions and arugula on French baguette

I wanted to try something different, and you really can’t go wrong with prosciutto. Unfortunately, the sandwich needed some kind of contrast to all the dryness of the bread, brie, etc. But it was still a pretty good sandwich.

Rare Roast BeefRare Roast Beef – Our house-roasted top round, with horseradish mustard dressing, marinated onions and arugula on rustic bread

Jolene’s order. She seemed fairly pleased with it. I’ve had it before, but don’t really remember how it tasted.

Marinated Grilled EggplantGrilled Marinated Eggplant – with hummus, chunky artichoke relish and greens on toasted wholegrain bread

Christina’s order. I had a couple bites of the sandwich and some of the tomato soup on the side. I thought that it was a decent sandwich, although the girls seemed to be big fans of this.

I can see why Clementine is such a popular place for lunch in the area. Well-executed sandwiches, soups and salad will always attract the beautiful people of West LA. Of course, the menu is anything but sexy. I do, however, recommend coming here during grilled cheese month though. Over a dozen interesting varieties of cheesy goodness. The bakery looks interesting for the sweet tooth as well, though I’ve only ordered a baked good once.

Chris Hei grade: B-


1751 Ensley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 552-1080

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