Carl’s Jr

On our way back from Alex’s ranch, we stopped in Kettleman City once again. I wouldn’t have minded having In-N-Out once again, but the other guys wanted to have something different. So between Carl’s Jr and McDonald’s (don’t remember what other places were there), Carl’s Jr is definitely the choice. My rank for burgers at national fast food restaurants goes something like this: Carl’s Jr > Jack in the Box > Wendy’s > Burger King > McDonald’s. Of course, this is all relative. I never eat at any of these places nowadays, as I believe my palate to be above such institutions. Plus, I have In-N-Out nearby. But there was a time when I loved Carl’s Jr. I used to live near one when I was in high school, and went there on my way home on a weekly basis. And when one opened on the UCLA campus during my last quarter there, I went quite frequently as well. So why the fallout, Chris?

Well, once you’ve had never-frozen burgers like In-N-Out and the various gourmet burger joints in LA, you can never go back. Still, out of all the national fast food burger patties, the burger patty at Carl’s Jr is by far the juiciest (not saying much – look at the photo above) and had a good char. I got the Western Six Dollar burger, which has cheese, onion rings and BBQ sauce. Decent burger. Used to be my second favorite burger back in my younger days (behind the Double-Double). Fries were decent as well, but can’t compare to the ones at McDonald’s. Nowadays, I can’t bring myself to giving Carl’s Jr anything above a C. But come 3am and a craving for burgers, don’t be surprised to see me at the drive-thru.

Chris Hei grade: C

Carl’s Jr
3300 Hubert Way
Kettleman City, CA 93239
(559) 386-5355

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