Pho To Chau

Photo credit: Janet O. on Yelp

Another Justin Ko pho restaurant pick, another C grade. For all the TTHing (TTH = trying too hard) involved in his life, the man known to us as Mr. TTH certainly is anything but in terms of his preference for flavor development in his pho broths (remember Pho Western?). But I knew nothing of the restaurants in Mountain View, so of course I had no problem going along with the choice.

Compared to Pho Western, the pho at Pho To Chau at least actually tastes like pho. It’s just too light in flavor in my opinion. I initially wanted to give this place a B- (which is what I said I would grade it when discussing it with Linh-Nam). However, in the end I couldn’t justify categorizing the restaurant as a solid choice. I’ll take this over Koreatown pho any day, but next time I want pho in the Bay Area I’ll go with the resident Viet Paul Nguyen. Don’t be sad though, Mr. TTH – I still take pleasure in finishing my dinner while you finish your second bite next to me.

Chris Hei grade: C

Pho To Chau
853 Villa St
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 961-8069

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