7/28/11Besides my work and my apartment, In-N-Out is probably the place I visit most often. There is one near my apartment, and my fatass orders drive-thru at least twice a month. However, I haven’t reviewed it yet because I haven’t actually ate at an In-N-Out in almost two years. But taking a lunch break on our way to Alex’s house in Mountain View in Kettleman City (the halfway point between LA and SF), it was the perfect opportunity to dine in at In-N-Out and have it eligible for review, not to mention that there were no other feasible options.

PhotoEveryone who lives on the West Coast knows of In-N-Out Burger, and certainly everyone I know loves it. For those who don’t live near one, it typically is considered a tourist attraction when said people see a location. The official menu is limited, offering only burgers, fries, and beverages, but their “secret” menu is very much known to the general public. If you don’t know about the burgers at In-N-Out, here’s the info via Serious Eats:

  • The Meat: 2-ounce patties made from 100 percent beef chuck ground in their own grinding facilities, delivered fresh daily, never frozen.
  • The Cheese: Thick sliced bright orange American.
  • The Toppings: hand-leafed lettuce, sliced beefsteak tomato, thick sliced onion, pickles, grilled whole or chopped onions, pickled hot green chiles.
  • The Sauces: Proprietary Thousand-Island style spread, mustard, or ketchup.
  • The Bun: soft white bun, darkly toasted on the griddle.

PhotoAlex, Linh-Nam and Ben waiting for the food.

PhotoI usually order a double-double animal style (pickles, extra spread, grilled onions, and mustard fried onto each meat patty in addition to the standard fixings) or with whole grilled onions, and fries well-done. On this particular visit I decided to get the double-double without any gimmicks, to show what it looks like as is (although I had to get the fries well still – the regular version is a bit too…raw for my taste).


French Fries

The patties are more on the medium-well side (only at In-N-Out will I happily accept any burger/steak over medium-rare), but are still quite juicy, and certainly tasty. The cheese is an awesome melted mess. And the sauce, toasted bun, and veggies all go together harmoniously. This is still the king of burgers in my opinion. Despite the rise of gourmet burger joints, particularly in LA, no fancy-schmancy-over-$10-burger can match the pure satisfaction that an In-N-Out burger can provide. And unlike those gourmet places, the burgers at In-N-Out are as good as it can be on every single visit.

Chris Hei grade: A


In-N-Out Burger
33464 Bernard Dr
Kettleman City, CA 93239
(800) 786-1000

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