This is a gem discovered by my girlfriend. I’ve only been here once before with her family so I ate a ton of food and I was very satisfied but didn’t feel like I could go ALL out (which we did this time around) for our early celebration of 3.5 year anniversary. Since I’m catching a flight to Asia in a couple of hours I will let the pictures do the talking this time.

Interesting note: The two posts I have written thus far include hot pot. Coincidence?

We had some crunchy spicy tuna chips to start things off that I forgot to take pictures of. Oops. Then we had a Han’s pick of sashimi platter: I picked 6 pieces of toro, salmon, and yellowtail each. Toro was amazing. Waitress told me I got two different fats and I felt one was a lot better than the other. Toro is the one in the middle and upper left. Yellow tail was my second favorite and salmon, as much as I like them, had to take a backseat to the other two for the day.

Eel hand roll. Very good

Yellowtail cheekbone. I thought I had ordered salmon but this one was equally good. I had the salmon last time and the meaty part was softer while the fatty part wasn’t as tender. I enjoyed gnawing on the fatty part while the girlfriend enjoyed the meats

Lamb chop. I had the two with the bone obv and there was 0 meat left on them by the time I was done!

Regular beef shabu shabu: by then I was so full already but as a shabu shabu lover I had to keep going!

Shabu shabu udon

Then to top things off, black sesame creme brulee with red bean ice cream. I thought I was going to eat this all by myself (which would’ve been nice) because the gf said she was really full. But i guess she wasn’t as full as she said she was because she ate half of it! Oh well sharing is caring. Using my strategy of “fries -> burger” I applied the “black sesame -> red bean ice cream” given I can eat red bean ice cream pretty much whenever.

I enjoyed this meal very much. I think this restaurant is classified as a Japanese/American fusion restaurant. It was awesome!

101 Bayview Pl
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 725-0777


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