JJ Cafe

Hong Kong cafes – the cornerstone of the late-night scene in the San Gabriel Valley. There’s basically one on every block, and all of them have the same menus, and the food is just adequate. So why are they so popular, and why do I keep going back despite the indifference? Well: 1) They’re the only places open past 10pm in the area. 2) Their menus have the most variety. 3) They’re cheap. Not the greatest reasons, I know, but in that area these three reasons are the equivalent to the holy trinity for success. And it’s just so damn convenient!

If I was forced to choose, I would probably say that either Baccali or JR Cafe serves the best food. But Daniel chose JJ Cafe. I think the possible sighting of “Azns” intrigued him. Anyways, like all other cafes, JJ has two types of food: American-esque stuff like steaks (done well despite what you may request), and Canto-esque stuff like chow fun. I usually like to stick to the more Chinese dishes, and that’s exactly what I did on this visit (I got the satay beef chow fun – my usual choice at cafes). Big portion, pretty cheap, decent taste. Can’t complain. But I will never recommend going here before 10pm in the SGV.

Chris Hei grade: C

JJ Hong Kong Cafe
447 W Garvey Ave, Ste 1020
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 280-3833

Note: credit C.C. on Yelp for the first photo.

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