Vietnam House

Came here last Saturday with Ben and Daniel for dinner #1 (I was supposed to have dinner again with Christina and Jolene later that night). Our original destination was Golden Deli, but there was a long wait. So Daniel, being the Viet that he is, suggested an alternative: Vietnam House, located in the plaza diagonally across the plaza with Golden Deli. I’ve never even heard of the restaurant, so I had my reservations.

Vietnam House’s menu is probably the most Vietnamese-authentic I’ve ever seen (I haven’t been to any Vietnamese restaurants in Westminster). I really, really wanted to try the seven courses of beef. But since I was going to eat again later, I decided to just order the thin vermicelli with pork and egg rolls. Ben got the same, but he thought he was getting the bowl of vermicelli. Daniel got a broken rice dish. Even though I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to explore the cuisine further (since our dishes were fairly normal), I thought my dish was good. And it came with A LOT of lettuce, basil, cucumbers, etc. It was certainly nice to taste authentic Vietnamese food after the disaster at Pho Western, and I want to try the seven courses of beef next time.

Chris Hei grade: B-

Vietnam House
710 W Las Tunas Dr
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 282-3630

Note: I came across this post by famed food blogger Gastronomer. Interesting “rivalry” between this place and nearby Vietnam Restaurant.

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