Oh Gloria’s… what more can I say about what has become my second home since I moved to my current apartment almost two years ago? Although I haven’t gone “home” much these last few months (due to my efforts to dine out less to aid in my diet/exercise), there is always a place in my heart for homey food that reminds me of my childhood (Mexican/Latin American food was second to Chinese food in terms of frequency when I was young). Too bad I didn’t get to see Gloria herself or her sons that help her run the restaurant, because they’re always so nice to me (and even know my name by now).

I went with my friends Ben, Daniel and Alex. I got the carne adobada (so predictable, Chris), which is carnitas served in Gloria’s special sauce. It’s arguably their most popular dish, and my go-to item most of the time. Ben got the chicken tortilla soup, an awesome choice as well. Daniel got the carna asada plate, and Alex got the chicken house special burrito. We all shared a couple of orders of revuelta (pork and cheese) and loroco (cheese and herb) papusas. Everything was solid, as usual. The adobada is always a satisfying choice, although I have to admit that it is on the saltier side at times (and I’m a person that loves my bold seasoning). That wasn’t the case this time. This meal made me realize how much I miss Gloria’s, and even though the food itself isn’t what I consider the best of its kind (although that probably wasn’t the case over a year ago), the close proximity of the restaurant and the “just like home” feeling I get every time I’m here will make me go back again and again. Oh, and the food is great too.

Chris Hei grade: B+

Gloria’s Cafe

10227 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 838-0963

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